Pillows Used in 5-Star Hotels: Peeking Beneath the Veneer.


Here are some of the interesting secrets regarding 5-star hotel pillows:.

  • A lot of hotels have such a thing called “pillow menu”. You can choose a pillow from a wide variety to make sure it feels like heaven (depending on how you define the “heavenly” feeling);.
  • Don’t be annoyed with the pillow tag. It has a lot of useful information on it, such as its composition that will help you sleep well and not wake up with congestion due to an allergy. The tag history goes back to the 1800s when some pillows were stuffed with old hospital sheets contagious with tuberculosis and/or smallpox;.
  • Pillows should be changed every 18-36 months. The down/feather ones last for 24-36 months if maintained and cleaned properly. New synthetic alternatives have an even shorter lifespan– 18-24 months. Most people don’t change their home pillows for ages, and this is partially why hotel pillows are so good in comparison.
  • Pillow protectors play a huge role in keeping the pillows fresh, crisp, and dust/mite free. They extend the life of a pillow, holding its shape for longer, not allowing any humidity or dust to contaminate it. The protectors have to be timely cleaned and renewed.
  • The “hot-dog” method of fitting a pillow into the case helps hotels change so many rooms so quickly. A lot of people, after learning about it, start changing their cases much often. Folding a pillow in half and putting it into the case will make it fit in there like a hand in a perfect glove as it unfolds. No annoying empty corners and wrinkly textiles.

In combination with the quality of materials, overall maintenance, hypoallergenic elements, and great choice, the pillow experience at a hotel is something unreal. Coming back home, a lot of people start rejuvenating their pillows as well.

It’s quite easy to do with a down or down/feather pillow. Just wash it to kill the mites and freshen up the exterior, put on a protector and fluff it well. Talking about polyester and memory foam pillows, there’s nothing to worry about as they don’t lose shape for a long time (thus the squish). Other pillows may need to be replaced with fresh ones since a lot of alternative materials sag beyond rejuvenation.

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